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  • : Blog consacré aux Rickshaw Wallahs et relayant un voyage Dhaka-Delhi à vélo-rickshaw (oct 2008-mars 2009)
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31 juillet 2007 2 31 /07 /juillet /2007 23:59

I have been to the Indian subcontinent (India and Nepal) seven times in 2008 when I decided to return to it to discover rickshaw-wallahs’ living conditions. In October 2008, I went to Dhaka with the contact details of a rickshaw-wallah. This man is a subsistence farmer from the north of Bangladesh and he is a rickshaw-wallah in addition in Dhaka. So, I immersed myself in the rickshaw-wallahs’ environment for about 6 weeks thanks to him, and then, I bought a rickshaw to further understand their living conditions. After sharing these weeks, I left Dhaka and my friend. I went alone along Bangladesh’s roads and I continued my trip to India...




So, let's travel on websites and visit them...


I came back to Bangladesh (2012 - march) in order to contact and make appointments with NGO and personalities whose work on subject of Rickshaw-Wallahs, and I met :
- http://www.bedo.org.bd/about.html
- http://www.arban.org.uk/about-arban-bangladesh

- Rob Gallagher who wrote "Rickshaws of Bangladesh" Editor University Press Limited

They all gave me very interesting information, so that now, I am thinking about how I could “help” Rickshaw-Wallahs of Bangladesh from France where I am living...

Probably by creating here in next future, "something" for supporting "stakeholders" of Bangladesh whose work with Rickshaw-Wallahs...

For more information  : jl_73@hotmail.fr




Nota : I came back to Bangladesh in 2012... :



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